Monday, November 24, 2008

Short vacation

My husband had planned a short trip to Kudat on 20th and 21st last week, together with my Mother in law and sister in-law. Unfortunately we had a very bad weather, its raining and not much we can do. With the full excited to visit the most luxurious and expensive house called "Poseidon", we start our journey at 11.30am from Kota Kinabalu all the way to Kudat. But when we were on the way to Kudat, my husband received a call from the owner of the house..she had another booking which had been made a month ago, and she did not realized it. The customer just call that they are on the way to kudat as well. What can we says, since our mind are already to Kudat, we continue our journey and planned just to visit the house.

Make the story shorter, we manage just to visited the house and I made a few photo of it and we ended our day to visit Simpang Mengayau which also call as "Tip of Borneo". We stayed over night at Ria Hotel in Kudat town. Nice and clean hotel, recomended 3 star rating. We get Suite room which have 2 bedroom (twin & double room) with the price of R268/night without breakfast. Not bad. On Friday, back to KK and we stop by at Kelambu Beach for swimming. On the way back to KK, stop by at Kota Belud for tea and reached home around 4:30pm. Tiring day.

The next day, we check in at Sutera Harbour with the children and stay overnight at Pacific Sutera. Just want to go swimming and relax.My kids love it, but Hakim had sun burn. Too much in the sun.

Enjoy some of our scenery photos..

So anyone interested to buy the Poseidon house, its cost 2 Million USD, please contact me.. as the rental price and detail of the house, you can check here


  1. OMG! 2 million USD??? Tapi memang the house is sooo beautiful. If I marry a Hollywood Celebrity mmg saya suruh beli tu rumah as 'Vacation Home'! Heheheh

  2. Nice house.. but the Ria Hotel not bad too kan