Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Calico Ghost Town & Needles

Second day of our vacation, we leave Los Angeles and travel to Needles. It is a long drive and we planned to visit Calico Ghost Town before we stop at needles for overnight and continue our journey to Grand Canyon for the next day. But before we leave Los Angeles we want to see the HOLLYWOOD sign of course. We asked the person at the hotel where we can see the sign and he told us to go to Griffith Park Observatory. Set our GPS to that place. it up in the hill and passed so many beautiful houses on the way to the hills.
The best view we can took with our camera.Hmmm need larger camera
Griffith park Observatory

Misty view from the top
After  half and hour there, we leave the place and off to find Calico Ghost Town.
Long Drive with dry scenery
Arrived at Calico around 1PM, was really hot that time 42 degrees.
History of the Town

Built using bottles
Mini Train at Calico

Our Hotel in Needles Desert Mirage Inn & Suites
The room
 After Check in at our hotel, we went to look for an ATM and grocery store to buy some drinks and food.
We found this Cute signboard of the town.

Near Colorado River.
Our 2nd car after my husband change the 1st one

The plate Number
Driving in sunset to find place to eat for dinner.

Dinner at Best Steakhouse. 
Our dinner for that night.

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