Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I am back

Yes..we just got back from our memorable holiday in California. We were really enjoyed. We visited so many places. I will tell you the story in my post. But of course, not sure how long it takes to write a post. It seem like Facebook is more easier to post a status then blogging.
Well I know some of you might looking for a great places for holiday, you might be looking at my photos of vacation and maybe you will get the idea of you next holiday destination..right?

Our story start last year in 2011, when my husband suddenly proposed the next holiday in Los Angeles. mmm..since he had said that, I knew that he will doing it. Suddenly one day he called me and he said,"I've bought a ticket.." and I was "HAH"..to where? he replied "LA"..and I was speechless at that time..whether I am happy, sad, I couldn't tell. But at that time I just follow his decision. "Ok, I replied and said good.

Ticket has been bought from Kota Kinabalu - Shenzhen - Beijing - Los Angeles. See how many stop we have. Kota Kinabalu to Shenzhen is about 2 and a half hours, Shenzhen to beijing is about 3 hours, Beijing to Los Angeles is about 12 hours and 15 minutes. Wow! how did I remember all the distance..hahaha..not sure if its right but I think it is almost the correct answer. hehe.. But the good things about our flight is we have to stay overnight in Beijing because our flight to LA was re-schedule to the next day and at night. So that mean we have the whole day in Beijing and we have planned something. A Private tour to :Tianamen Square, Forbidden city and the Great wall of China..Yes another new place we can see. Ok..let start our journey from Shen Zhen.. I've write a lot, let just my photo tell you the story..

Arrived in Shenzhen Airport, While waiting for our next flight to Beijing lunch at McD

Waiting for our flight to depart
Hakim in-charge of the camera
Inside Air China flying to Beijing
Arrived at Beijing at 8:00PM, overnight at Holiday Inn Hotel.
Near by our hotel.
 Woke up early the next day, we have whole day before flying to LA.
Tienanmen Square, Beijing
Forbidden city, Beijing. Very crowded
Visiting Dr. Tea for tea testing
Hakim was impressed with the Dragon tea table set.

Our delicious lunch.
Family photo at the Great Wall of China.
Hakim & Aishah with our guide
The View
While waiting for our flight to LA at Beijing International Airport
Sunset at the Airport.

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