Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gold Coast & Brisbane

Let me make it short and colorful.
 The 3rd day of our vacation, we visited Paradise Country which say the real Aussie farm and of course because it is must visit place. It was fun for our children to see farm animals, kangaroo and koala. They also showed how the shave the sheep for wool. It was not so busy in that farm and for Muslim friends, they provided Halal food in their restaurant. 
Our 1st family photo at Paradise Country
For the first time they touch real kangaroo
Waiting for the sheep to be shaved
4th day, we visited the biggest water park in Gold Coast, the "Wet n Wild". But unfortunately it was too cold for us, even though they said the water was heated. Not really sure what they mean by heated, but we feel the water is like ice cold. Maybe because its winter time. For info, this park will close early during winter time and not all the attractions was open when we were there. we tried a few attraction, especially family fun.

The Entrance was empty
Children pool
Aqua Loop, must try if you dare
Aqua Racer, family fun
Our family fun favorite.
5th day, we checked out from the Sea World Resort hotel and took a shuttle bus to Brisbane. We have to collect our Camper van at Eagle Farm. We are on our own now, we can go where ever we want to go. One thing you have to remember when you traveling with Camper van in Australia, you have to find camping ground to sleep. We got our Camper van around 12:00pm and we decided to find a camping ground for our 1st night with the camper van
Our camper van for a week
Mini kitchen inside the camper van
First Caravan Park we stayed over night
a few caravans
Collecting strawberry at Govinta Farm
Aishah & Hakim in their bed inside the camper van.
6th day, we decided to visit Australia zoo. We actually want to visit it a day before but it was to late for us to go there because we need to find our place to overnight. Australia zoo was not really what we thought it is. But at least we visited the home of the Crocodile Hunter. Hakim was really excited to see all the crocodiles and he keep in saying I want to be Steve Irwin. The entrance to the zoo was bloody expensive, even the Australian said so. Well, we have to do it since we are tourist.
Papa in action
I was not really interested to took a photo of the animal, because usually you will not see them. Sometimes they were hiding behind the trees but I was really shocked when I saw this Tortoise. The Giant Tortoise they called it.
Look how big is the animal compare to human
Even this crocodile is big..wasn't real..haha
Tired of going around in the zoo, we went out and look for another camping ground for stayed. We tried to find the nearest to the Zoo as this time, it is really fast dark here in Australia. 5:00 pm was already dark and we have to find a restaurant for our dinner as well.
Tired after walking in the zoo

Glasshouse Mountains Camping Ground
We stayed here for our 2nd night, it was cheap and the place was really quite. Not so many caravan in this area. we have to find another camping ground that provide more facilities. The next day drive again and went to Dicky Beach family holiday. They have laundry facilities and internet connection and the area was really clean. Price of course a bit expensive compare to the 1st and 2nd place. Just to mention here, near by this family beach, there is a block of restaurant where you can find food just in a walking distance. One of the restaurant called "Fish Monger", you should try the food. Thumbs up..really delicious..But you have to go early otherwise close. 

Sunset at Dicky Beach, Brisbane.
the 8th day, we were thinking about O'rileys, The Lamington National Park, so my husband decided to drive back to Gold Coast. We started our journey about 10:30 am from Dicky Beach and we are actually almost lost because doesn't know which way to follow. There are so many road, and our GPS could not recognize and find the way to Lamington National Park. But Luckily my husband asked around and we find the way to go to Lamington National Park. Long drive and hilly road. but we have a great view.
The Valley
Wild kangaroo spotted on the way to the Lamington National park
Arrived at the park around 3.30pm
After registered, we walked to the canopy walk
Spectacular sunset from the Top
Dinner at O'rileys Restaurant
Morning Jungle trekking to the Morain falls
Breakfast at the view point of Morain falls
Morain falls.
Back to our camper van and direct to Gold coast, this time selected Treasure Island Holiday park to stayed for another 2 nights with the camper van. After checked in, another time we visited Movie World, for the last time since the children was really addicted with the roller coaster.The next day, we visited Dreamworld for the whole day. 
Dreamworld entrance
Hakim experiencing driving with the big car
That was our last day with our camper van. I think we have visited a lot of places. After we had our last breakfast next to our camper van, we drove back to Eagle Farm, Brisbane and sent back the van to the shop. Took a shuttle bus back to Gold coast and  stayed at Vibe Hotel, Surfer paradise. modern hotel and clean I can say about this hotel.
and the view from our room
Dinner at one of the Seafood Restaurant in Surfer Paradise
Come to the end of our vacation, the last thing we do was Whale Watching. Always save the best for the last.
Sea World Cruise
Beautiful sunny day and blue
on the deck
The best photo I can snap. mmm..I need dslr camera..
After finish whale watch, for the last time, we visited sea world park and enjoy as much as we can,

Happy faces on the back to Kota Kinabalu, but Hakim not
Yes..finally my story come to the end, that was our journey. Still thinking where to go next year maybe LA or Perth. See how it goes. For inbound holiday, maybe we are going to Kuching, Sarawak in December.

Thanks for reading my longest post ever.

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