Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gold Coast part 1

Our holiday took part started from 29th May till 12th June. Started from Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 airport to LCCT Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia flight at 3:45PM. Arrived at Kuala Lumpur around 6:15PM and we directly checked in for our next flight to Gold Coast at 9:25PM. My husband really planned our journey this time, no more waiting too long at the airport. So after checked in, we went for a food at McD before we boarded. The flight was delayed for about half and hour but luckily it was not really long. Our kids were really excited and can't wait to get into the plane. Aishah keep on asking me how long is the journey, I just answered the whole night, mean we have to sleep in the plane. Yes..finally we are in the plane. 8 hours and 30 minutes was really long. I can't slept but my 2 kids were really dreaming, sleeping on my lap comfortably. 
After a long night without sleeping, we finally landed at Colongata Airport, Gold Coast at 7:25AM (Australia Time) and 16 degrees Celsius temperature. brrrr...so cold. Our transfer from the Airport to Sea World Resort took about 1 hour. We arrive at the Resort and my husband try to checked in. Unfortunately they could not give us a rooms, there are no room available at that moment. So we decided to go to Sea World park while waiting, but again the Sea World Park was not open yet, we have to wait another half and hour for the park to open at 10:00AM. Waiting make me felt sleepy, I can easily close my eyes and sleep on the sofa. My mind keep on telling me wake up, wake up and when I saw my husband slept, owh..he is reallly dreaming laying on the soft bed with his mouth half open and I heard his little snore came out.
1st day is the most tiring day, but it was fun because once we got into the park, there are more to see and explore at the Sea World Park. Our children was really enjoy it especially the under water world.  At the same day we got our VIP pass, Unlimited entry to 2 more theme parks which are Movie World and Wet & Wild, water park. Since we have the VIP Pass, the 1st day is just exploring the park, we can go back anytime we want, beside we are at the Resort and we can just walk to the park when we want too. 
Around 2:00PM, went back to the hotel with the monorail and at last we got our room to sleep.
We slept from 3:00PM till 6:00PM, we woke up and have our dinner at the hotel.
Happy & tired faces

Cast Away Bay, shooting people in the boat with water, you get totally wet
Sea World under Water World
Penguin encounter
Waiting for the show to start
Dolphin show at Dolphin cove
Our tired faces on the VIP cards
Sesame Street Beach for children below 10 years old
Child below height requirement must accompany by someone
Big Bird Bounce for Children
Sesame Street Show

Our room
1st dinner at the hotel

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