Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Langkayan Island

Finally our holiday come to the end.
The last place we visited was the Langkayan Island. One and a half hour boat ride from Sandakan. Another boat adventure. It happen that after 30 minutes we were on the boat suddenly one of the boat's engines was not functioning properly and the boatman have to call his boss and explained about the problem. We have to go back a few kilometers while waiting for the other boat to come and yes our time was a bit delayed. But luckily it is happen not far from the city.
Well, talking about Langkayan Island, it is a beautiful place and quite place to go. I am a bit blank right now and I don't have any idea what should I write about this place but for sure, there are a few activities you can do here, in this island such as diving, snorkeling, discover Scuba Diving, kayaking, watching turtle nesting and releasing baby turtles to the sea at night. The food was delicious and their staff were friendly too. 
I think i am not going to write everything about it anymore, just let the photos explain how was Langkayan.

On The way to the Island, before changing to another boat
Our chalet
The room
The Bathroom
The view from our chalet
 Our activities other than swimming in the clear water:
Playing at the beach
Taking Photo for fun
Drawing on the white sandy
Watching Sunset  from the jetty's deck.
Watching the rangers to releasing baby turtle at night (if any)
Baby turtles are so excited to be release
and of course having our 3 times meal breakfast, lunch and dinner
What a wonderful place to rest...

Not forgetting my beautiful photo of the island
The island (combination of 3 panorama stitch photos)

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