Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Netherlands (Last week of the Vacation)

What a long pause..so lazy of typing.
Well let me finish my story of our Vacation. 
Back from Paris on 9th May, we were so tired and we slept early that night.

On 10th May is my mother in law Birthday, so the whole day at home, waiting for her sisters and children to visit till 7pm then she spent us dinner.I was a bit sick on that day and we changed our car to this Hyundai for this last week of our holiday.

On 11th May we have dinner appointment with our friend Martijn and Linda (The wedding couple we met in Borneo). Since we are going to Amsterdam, we visited the Keukonhof "Tulips Garden". It was really beautiful place to go. Those who like Tulips, this is one of the place that you can see variation of them. But unfortunately you have to go there during spring time because they were close for the rest of the year. Just now i check the website "Keukonhof is close" for now. It will open again in 2011, that mean no tulips for a mean while.

 Hakim and Aishah with the motorcycle near the entrance of Keukenhof.

The Dutch's special shoes.

Me and my little princess
The best shot I ever made (I think so)

Not forgetting the "Mollen" (wind mill)

We were about 2 hours at the park, without realizing the time is almost 5pm. we have to moved because we need to find the address from Martijn & Linda. It was near by. It was really happy to met with them. Especially Aishah with her friend Ruud.
 The next day, on 12th May another dinner appointment with our friend Joost and Mieke. We have a great time with them and the food was delicious. I always like to go to his place for dinner because I knew he can cook. Hehehe..
Aishah is looking at Om Joost making a cookies for our desert.
Our dinner
Hakim with Joost and Mieke.
On 13th May, another lunch appointment with my Father in law and the rest of the family.
The family
Hakim playing Nintendo with his cousins while waiting for our food to be served.

14th May, is our last day and the whole day we were doing shopping and packing. In the evening my sister in law come to visit us to say good bye.
 Hakim, Demis and Aishah

15th May, we have a long day.
Early morning to Dussoldorf, with Ryan Air to Stansted took about 45 minutes to reach stansted at 10am and waited for almost half day in the airport. Our next flight to KL is at 1730.
Another 12 hours to KL and we reached KL on the next day, 16th May.
Waiting again at LCCT terminal for our next flight to KK for 2 and a half hours.
We were so exhausted I mean "really, really exhausted".
Waiting for our Airasia flight to be ready.
Can't wait to get home to Oma KK.

We enjoy our holiday so much, thanks to my mother in law and Harry, who give us place to sleep, eat and she really taking good care of us. Not forgetting my husband who work hard for our wonderful holiday. Can't wait for our next surprise destination.
 For now, Good Bye Netherlands and will always remember Paris. 
Hope to visit you again next time. 

Now I am back to my real world. 

5 days a week, 9 and a half hours a day.

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