Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back dated story

A visit from Oma Belanda is the most happiest moment for Hakim and Aishah.
Yes..of course..present, present, present..always. Even though they were here for only 2 weeks but we managed to do a few activities with them. To Kota Klias, Beaufort and Swimming at Pacific Sutera. Hakim and Aishah was really enjoyed it. My MIL will coming back to visit us at the end of January till early March next year.

With Tante Petra and Oma Belanda

With Oma.

What do they saw?

A group of wild Proboscis Monkey

2 monkeys on the tree

The boat cruise

The Jetty

Weekend activities, as usual swimming the whole day

Japanese Friend

The most enjoying person in the swimming pool

She is started to trust the floater.

After 2 days of swimming, we become brownie because of sun burnt and sick.
But it was fun.

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