Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Singapore-Bintan Short Trip

Tickets was bought on February during the Air Asia '0' fare promotions. We choose Singapore. We doesn't know what to do at Singapore. Introduced by one of our B&B guest, that we should go to Bintan Island, tranquil and relaxing place. Friday the 13th, We landed at the Changi Airport around 5:30pm and took the MRT to Bugis Station from Tanah Merah. We are a bit rush to catched the time. Thinking of doing the Night Safari of Singapore after wards. The weather was not so good. It was Raining

MRT map

When we reached Bugis Station, We tried to find a taxi stand. The shopping mall was so crowded and we were thinking maybe we should asked around. First we asked this young teenage Chinese girl, Where is the taxi stand? she answered, arrrrr..she pointed to one direction. We go straight to the place where she just pointed. We saw people are just crossing the road and we did not saw any taxi but just a bus stop. We just follow them to crossed the road, maybe the taxi stand is there. When we get to the other side of the road, we did not see any taxi. Then we asked an middle age man who was standing and waiting for the bus. He told us, you have to go to the other side of the road look for North bridge taxi stand, HUH!..finally we get direction. Then once again we have to crossed the road to where we came from. We just looking around and look for the sign of North Bridge sign . We found it, a long que where people standing and waiting for a taxi. Relief..This will happen if you travel you own. But it was a good experience tho. We get into the taxi and straight to our hotel, Oxford Hotel. Its a small hotel but clean and comfortable.

After we checked in, we directly continue our journey to the Night Safari. It was very nice and good experience for me and the children.. hahahaha..watching wild animal at night with the tram. But a bit disappointed because the animal show was canceled due to the weather condition. It was a bit raining that night. We could not took a lot of photos since it was warned to switch off our camera while watching the animals. So just a few photos taken for that night. Overall, we like the Night Safari experience. We had our dinner at Ulu-ulu restaurant and took a taxi to Orchard road. We heard that Orchard road have their beautiful street lights and decorations for Christmas that why we just want to look at it. Its also an area where you can called heaven for shoppers. So many shopping complexs . Hmmm..Our children was so tired and fell as sleep.

Take a photo with the Night Safari eyes.

The Night Safari tram

Before starting our night safari journey

Have some snack and drink

Sitting on the Zebra chair

This suppose to be a big Christmas tree and a Santa Claus but our photo is not so good taken.
We are inside the taxi when the photo was taken.

The road was full with this kind of lights and different colors

Good Morning!
Next day after breakfast at the hotel, we took a taxi to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to get our ticket 1 hour before the ferry departure time to Bintan Island. Bintan is one of the Riau Islands of Indonesia, has tropical forest and beautiful white beaches, 45 Minutes with ferry from Singapore. Staying at Nirwana Beach Club, one of the resorts of Bintan Resort. At Bintan we just enjoying the scenery, swimming and fill in our tummy with foods. We were lucky, cause the 2nd day at Bintan was sunny day. Only at night was a bit drizzling.

The Nirwana Beach Club

Our Cabana.


enjoying the sand and small wave

Hakim & Aishah 1st time swimming in the sea

My Gardens

The Big Swimming pool

happy face

Aishah with her spec.

Enjoying water splashing moment

Both in cold after swimming too long

Our favorite lunch.

Simple Dinner at "Pasar Ole-ole" local food-1st night

Calamari and fries.

My lamb chop
Dinner at Beach Club Restaurant for our last night in Bintan Island

Back from Bintan Island on Monday, 16th Nov. Arrived at Tanah Merah, Ferry terminal around 1230pm and we have long que for the imigration check point. We were thinking of doing the Duck Ride of Singapore but the weather was not good, raining season. We decided to go straight to the Changi Airport and waited for a few hours before our Air Asia flight back to Kota Kinabalu.

Big Playing ground for children at Terminal 3, Changi Airport.

Safely reached home at 9:30pm and so tired.

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