Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick update

Just a quick update and photo sharing what we have done last September.

My husband ?th Birthday on 27th September at home.
Hakim & Aishah were so happy

Mixed fruit cake from uncle Biscuits for him.

Hakim, Mama, Papa & Aishah.

Our very own any only rambutan tree is full with rambutans

Our 2 monkeys

Everyday rambutans

Hakim with his Ben10 and transformers collection.
Photo Courtesy of Hakim.

20th-21st September 2009
Celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri at Kg. Lohan, Ranau with family and relatives.

Aishah during Hari Raya

Aishah & Radzi with their ultraman pose.

My very close cousins

Me and cousins

My husband, photo taken by Hakim.

We found out that Hakim also have problem with his left eyes. Doctor asked him to wore glasses but it seem like he doesn't like it. Its only last for about 2 days, and then he surrender since his friends at school like to borrow his spec. He doesn't like it. 2nd apointment with the eye's specialist, Doctor asked just doing patches at his right eyes 1 hour a day because he doesn't like spectacle.

I changed my car a month ago and now my new car had reach 1500 KM, need to be serviced soon.

Last but not least ,I'll send registration form for Aishah's school next year.


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