Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hakim's Mid Year Assessment

I took Hakim's Report Card yesterday from his school. So let see how is Hakim doing..

2 book was given to me yesterday, Hakim's report card and the test book.

Look at his not even a smile..hahahahaa..

1st page..hehehee..why so many of lines.. 1 star

2nd Page, good, got 3 stars.

3rd page, another line things..1 star..

4th page, Fish become bird..hahahaa, 2 stars

uits..he learn chinese this Hakim?

And another chinese.. mmm..

Another matching..this time he get 2 stars.

Numbers...he get 2 stars, I know Hakim like to write 2,3 and 4,
but he doesn't know what is the number is..can write but cannot tell..

Can count but cannot recognize the number..

5 become 'S'..

Good manners..3 stars

Oppsss..this is Hakim..someone felt down, he is laughing..
mmm wrong Hakim..

This one, he is expert..3 stars.

Another lines, but this time he get 3 stars

He like to circle..

At least, he know where to find his way... stated..

Good job Hakim, 6 months to go..hope you can improve and I know its difficult. Even me started my school at 6 years and just learn how to hold a pencil and write A B C and 1 2 3. But he is doing well.. will take a bit of time but he'll be alright.


  1. Congrats to Hakim! I'm sure he'll be fine - he has a great and capable mommy to guide him!

  2. Goed gedaan Hakim!!!!!

    Dikke kus van Oma Belanda

    Tot 14 November